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We Provide

  • One Point of Contact
    to manage the process for you.
  • The house is swept and vacuumed.
  • Time for you to focus on more important things such as your legal and financial responsibilities.
  • Confidence
    that all matters will be handled professionally.

Disposal of food is one of the first tasks.

Medicines are not allowed to be disposed of at the Council tips. Disposal Companies quote prices starting from $25 per bottle.

Daves Estate Clearance donates used medications to a charity that sorts and sends them to developing countries.

Waste paint can be a major problem as there is a 5L limit for households at the tip. Disposal companies quote $70 plus GST for disposal of 20L of old paint. Daves Estate Clearance has a cost effective method of paint disposal.

A fair price for the estate.

Give us a call and we'll come to you.

"When The Family Have Taken What They Want...

We'll take care of the rest!"

We also buy furniture, jewelry, booke,coins etc







We also buy disability equipment







We pay cash for used mobility scooters!

It happens every day... Someone has to clear out the accumulation of a lifetime.

Relatives and friends may want items that have special meaning to them...


Call us we'll take care of the rest. 0428795108

This is an amazing service. Instead of you running around for weeks trying to find new homes for all the contents of the estate... let us do it for you!


A retired couple drove half way across the country to clear out the sister's unit.

They found shifting the bags of clothes from the top floor unit exhausting. For people with back problems like this couple, it was also painful.

The phone rang and we went around for a chat.

Items that had been promised to relatives and friends were marked with a piece of "green tape" and put on a list. We then quoted on the rest.

We were able to make a cash offer to clear out the unit and remove the remaining contents. That's right, we paid the estate to clear out the contents. (In most cases, the value of the contents more than covers the cost of the clearance. )

To say that the couple were happy is an understatement.

Their pleasure became even more obvious the following day as we commenced packing and removing the contents. It was as if a heavy load had been lifted from their shoulders.

They left to return home while we completed the work and handed the keys to the Real Estate Agent.

This brings up a big question ... "Why do all the hard work when someone else can do it for you?"

Call and chat with David now to organize a time to discuss your needs.

Ph 0428795108

PS Ring today for a free discussion and we'll remove all the medications for you. 0428 795 108

PPS Did you notice that the apostrophe is missing from Daves Estate Clearance? It's for a good reason... You don't put an apostrophe in a web address. www.DavesEstateClearance.com

PPPS By the way... we also put aside photographs and personal items to hand back to you. 0428 795 108

David did what he said he was going to do; when he said it was going to do it and did with a helpful and cheerful attitude. An easy person to deal with.
Testimonial from Gavin and Ella Lawrence.


Joan's story

We were called to an estate where the family had started the job themselves. They'd worked for days and the job just seemed to keep growing.

One phone call from the daughter was all it took. We came and talked about what was needed. Instead of having to pay someone, they were thrilled to be being paid for the contents.

The family were also very pleased to be able to have a say in the preferred charity that the clothes, shoes and books were to be taken too.

The family were able to get on with what they needed to do, secure in the knowledge that everything was being done.

Meanwhile, the real estate agent couldn't believe the results. she had been wondering how the clients would ever get the place cleared.

So if you want to keep your sanity, family friendships and be able to get on with other things a simple telephone call is all that's needed.



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