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We Provide...

  • One Point of Contact
    to manage the process for you.
  • The house is cleared, clean and the lawn is mown.
  • Time for you to focus on more important things such as your legal and financial responsibilities.
  • Confidence
    that all matters will be handled professionally.

What Not to do...

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We Clear"How to deal with an estate"

There are many ways to disperse an estate. Variations on the following three are the most common...

  • The family arrives after the funeral and clears the estate amongst themseves. The huge job is made workable by many hands all pitching in.
  • Second Hand dealers are invited to cherry pick the best and the hard work is handled by the family.
  • Specialists like Daves Estate Clearance are called in and the complete job is done with just one contact person.

Each of these methods has benefits and negatives. Let's take a few minutes to look at them in turn.

The Family Clearout.

We pack wellOne of our neighbours passed away recently. She was a quiet lady who loved her garden and her game of bowls. After the funeral you could hardly move in the street for cars. The same happened the following weekend when family descended from near and far to clear out the house. Cars and trailers were everywhere.

This time of working together was a positive time for family to bond and grieve.

Not all families work well together. The clearing out of the home can be a very tense and challenging time. Emotions are raw after a funeral and old hurts can surface. Offence can be caused by one person seeming to be gaining an advantage.

If the clearout is going to be a positive event and there are lots of people to help, then this method is very practical. Little money is passed into the estate as items are mainly dispersed amongst the relatives.

Second Hand Dealers

We sortWhen the relatives are not interested in the contens of the estate, the Second Hand Dealers are often contacted. Offers are made for the items the dealers specialize in. The executor of an estate then deals with the work of clearing out the rest. Plus all the cleaning up. Large amounts of time are required to coordinate the viewings and collections by the different purchasers. Time is also required to dispose of the non salable goods.

Some money from the sale of goods is paid back into the estate.

If time, physical work, coordinating and chasing up of people suit you, this can be a good option.

OR you can... "Call in the specialists... Daves Estate Clearance"

Daves Estate Clearance make an upfront payment for the complete contents of an estate. We do all the work of clearing out and marketing the contents. You are not tied to the telephone or waiting for people to come who never turn up. This method of estate dispersal suits people who do not live in the area, families who wish to avoid conflics and people who do not have the large amounts of time required to do the job piece by piece.

The cash payment is usually more than the total payments offered by the specialist dealers. Plus you have the benefit of one person to deal with.

Even if the family wants a hands on role in clearing an estate, we'll still make a great offer on what is not needed.

There is no one size fits all solution so we'll talk with you and find a way of making this difficult time easy.

We look forward to helping you!





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The Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Lockyers secondhand dealer that works with you.


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