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Books - Books - Books

What am I going to do with all the books?

HINT: Books are heavy. A very common mistake is to pack them in boxes that are too large. Unless you want to damage your back, only use small boxes. Also be very careful that you have a clear area to stack the boxes of books. If you lean over to pick up or put down a box of books you add to the risk of hurting yourself. This also applies to loading them in and out of the car.

The average house contains between 200 and 500Kg of books. If you were to pack 500Kg of books into boxes and just move the boxes from where they are packed to the front room... you've moved over a tonne! Pick up the boxes and load them in the car and then unload them at the other end and you have now lifted two tonnes. (Remember, first of all you have to get the boxes.)

In most cases the books, even when they are in good condition have little monetry value.

The Brisbane Lifeling Bookfest boasts 3.3km of tables covered with books that they have been given. If you put the tables end to end it would stretch from the top of the Toowoomba Range to the center of town! If you put the books end to end you would be somewhere past Charleville in Western Queensland.

The effort required to deal with the books is heavy, time consuming work.

Our suggestion... take the few very special books that you want. Daves Estate Clearance will carefully pack and pass on theremaining books to charity. Now that's a huge weight you don't have to shift... and you can even choose the charity they go to.

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