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The Brisbane, Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Lockyer secondhand dealer that works with you!


We Provide

  • One Point of Contact
    to manage the process for you until the house is is swept and vacuumed and handed back.
  • Time for you to focus on more important things such as your legal and financial responsibilities.
  • Confidence
    that all matters will be handled professionally.

Disposal of food is one of the first tasks.

Medicines are not allowed to be disposed of at the Brisbane Tip. Disposal Companies quote prices starting from $25 per bottle.

Daves Estate Clearance Brisbane donates used medications to a charity that sorts and sends them to developing countries.

Waste paint can be a major problem as there is a 5L limit for households at the tip. Disposal companies quote $70 plus GST for disposal of 20L of old paint. Daves Estate Clearance has a cost effective method of paint disposal.

A fair price for the estate.


A site worth visiting....

Australia's Best Budgeting Site

"Are you faced with the challenge of clearing out an estate in the Brisbane area?"

Here's a NEW service that will make the job much easier. "So why spend weeks clearing out the estate when it can all be done for you?"

I regularly receive phone calls from people who have started clearing out an estate and the job is just too big. The relief on their faces when we come and take on the job for them is just amazing.

Other calls come from people who are living away from the area and need someone they can trust to do the work for them.

You see, clearing up the estate, is a big job.

Sorting items and finding them new homes can be stressful... Deciding which relative wants what.

What are you going to do with all those books, clothes, kitchen utensils etc?

Packing up and taking goods to the charity bins/shops is also heavy and time consuming.

Do the sums... 100kg of clothes plus 250kg of books and at least 20kg of kitchen and other items. Now you need to find boxes and bags to put them in and take them to the local charity. (Think of it as 20 plus shopping trolleys overflowing and that's just for items that need to go to charity.)


How many trips is that in your car?

Let's talk furniture..Say you rang 15 second hand dealers, 3 come and 2 take items. You're left with over half the furniture in the house. What are you going to do with it?

Let's talk rubbish.. You get a mini skip $250 plus and fill it twice.


Little things can make a big difference.

As we sort, personal letters, photos and other items of personal value are put aside. We then we hand these items on to you.

Then, when you've run out of energy from all the packing and shifting.. It's time for the cleaning.

Clearing can be a big job. (We sweep, vacuum and mop as needed.)

Save yourself and the family the time and stress.

Daves Estate Clearance is there to help you. We'll give you a fair price for all the home contents you no longer need. You take the items that are special to you and we take care of the rest.

It's that simple.

So make one phone call now to the specialists at “Daves Estate Clearance ”.

PH: 0428 795 108 Email Us Now

Daves Estate Clearance take the time to discuss what you want to happen.

A cash offer is made for the total contents of the property including the contents of any sheds, garages etc less any items specified on the "Green List". (Vehicles generally excluded)

Call 0428 795108 and we'll find a solution for you.

Email Now : Daves Estate Clearance (Click Here)

The Brisbane, Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Lockyer secondhand dealer that works with you.


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Note: You have probably raised your eyebrows that there is no (') apostrophe in Daves Estate Clearance. The reason is simple... It is best not to have an apostrophe (') in a web address. As a result we unfortunately had to drop the apostrophe (') from the name.


Offering a professional, honest and reliable clearance service. To buy household furniture and items in full or part. A ‘Stress & Worry Free' solution for people in need of clearing estates and the removal of unwanted furniture, antiques, collectable's, household nic-naks and garage items. Saving you valuable time. Receiving an honest, fair valuation and price for your goods. A Total Package, Removal and Clean up Service.