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  • One Point of Contact
    to manage the process for you until the house is swept and vacuumed.
  • Time for you to focus on more important things such as your legal and financial responsibilities.
  • Confidence
    that all matters will be handled professionally.

Disposal of food is one of the first tasks.

Medicines are not allowed to be disposed of at the Toowoomba Tip. Disposal Companies quote prices starting from $25 per bottle.

Daves Estate Clearance Toowoomba donates used medications to a charity that sorts and sends them to developing countries.

Waste paint can be a major problem as there is a 5L limit for households at the tip. Disposal companies quote $70 plus GST for disposal of 20L of old paint. Daves Estate Clearance has a cost effective method of paint disposal.

A fair price for the estate.


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When it comes to clearing an estate, your traditional Second Hand Dealer may not be the best option.

You see, estates are complex... there is the furniture, the tools, the jewelry, the books, the clothes and the list goes on. If you were to visit a Second Hand Dealer's store you'd find that they tend to specialise and as a result... they usually only pay for items that suit their specialty. That's OK if you want to sell a few items here and a few items there. It also means that you have to take the time to wait around for no shows by people who are too busy to visit in the first place.

In Toowoomba you have an alternative... Daves Estate Clearance doesn't run a store. We specialize in dealing with complete and partial estates. We have dozens of different channels through which we pass on goods so you always get the best price . We also work closely with charities and know which charity will make best use of different items so that you are assured that nothing is wasted. A single telephone call is all it takes to organise a time for a visit.

Call 0428 795108 and we'll find a solution for you.

The Daves Estate Clearance Difference...

The effort required to close up a house is enormous.

You'll need to shift several tons of books, clothes, kitchen utensils and foodstuffs before you even get to the furnture. Then there's the cleaning out of the cupboards. The wiping down of the benches. The disposal of the paints, oils and other partly used items. All of this takes time and effort.

Now for some good news....

Daves Estate Clearance will come along and do the lot for you! They purchase the complete estate as is. Then they clear out the cupboards. They organise the items that need to go to charity. They clean up as they go. You are handed back the keys when the job is finished!

You can get on with the other things that need to be done.

That's the difference. You can rush around and spend hours.... or you can call in the experts and have it all done for you in a courteous, efficient manner.

PS Daves Estate Clearance can work directly with your Solicitor in cases where the beneficiory of the will is located at a distance form the property or is unwell.


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Offering a professional, honest and reliable clearance service. To buy household furniture and items in full or part. A ‘Stress & Worry Free' solution for people in need of clearing estates and the removal of unwanted furniture, antiques, collectables, household nic-naks and garage items. Saving you valuable time. Receiving an honest, fair valuation and price for your goods. A Total Package, Removal and Clean up Service.