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"The Toowoomba, Brisbane, Darling Downs and Ipswich secondhand furniture dealer that works with you! The experts in complete house and unit lots. "


We Provide

  • One Point of Contact
    to manage the process for you.
  • The house is swept and vacuumed.
  • Time for you to focus on more important things such as your legal and financial responsibilities.
  • Confidence
    that all matters will be handled professionally.

Disposal of food is one of the first tasks.

Medicines are not allowed to be disposed of at the Council tips. Disposal Companies quote prices starting from $25 per bottle.

Daves Estate Clearance donates used medications to a charity that sorts and sends them to developing countries.

Waste paint can be a major problem as there is a 5L limit for households at the tip. Disposal companies quote $70 plus GST for disposal of 20L of old paint. Daves Estate Clearance has a cost effective method of paint disposal.

A fair price for your items.

Give us a call and we'll come to you.

"Toowoomba Used Furniture Buyers "

We also buy furniture, jewelry, coins etc

We buy house lots of used furniture, white goods etc. When you need to clear out a house or unit, talk to us to discover that clearing out the house is much easier than you ever expected.

Put simply, we take the lot! That's right, you choose what you want to keep and we pack and remove the rest. It's that easy. No more waiting for lookers to come and get this or that item. Everything is looked after. You have a firm and fair offer. You only need to deal with a single person.

You save time and effort as we can even organise for the books, clothes and shoes to go to charities.

Call us - we'll take care of the rest. 0428795108

This is an amazing service. You could run around for weeks trying to find new homes for all the your items... or.... you can let us do it for you!

We know what to do with a refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryer, dining table, lawn mower, book shelf, table lamp, used furniture and white goods etc

Every situation is different, that's why we come and sit down and talk about what you need and find a solution that suits you.


A note for people organising estates: We can help you at any stage. The sooner you call the easier it will be. Even if you have just started the exercise we can talk and save you many, many hours of work.


Call us - we'll take care of the rest. 0428795108