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Disposal of food is one of the first tasks.

Medicines are not allowed to be disposed of at the Toowoomba Tip. Disposal Companies quote prices starting from $25 per bottle.

Daves Estate Clearance Toowoomba donates used medications to a charity that sorts and sends them to developing countries.

Waste paint can be a major problem as there is a 5L limit for households at the tip. Disposal companies quote $70 plus GST for disposal of 20L of old paint. Daves Estate Clearance has a cost effective method of paint disposal.

A fair price for the estate.

Figuring out what to do with all the things that have been accumulated over a lifetime is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and emotionally draining jobs.

The will provides direction for some of the property, but there remains the task of figuring out what to do with the rest of the “stuff” before a house can go on the market.

Give us a call and we'll come to you.

"Real stories of where we could and couldn't help. "

Every case is different! Let's have a chat and see what is best for you!


A Good Ending

The phone rang Friday afternoon. Deb* who lives over 1000km away was almost in tears. She had come down to clear out her mother's home. She had been told to get everything out ready for a buyer of the contents. Deb and her brother had spent hours putting out the contents of the shed and displaying boxes and boxes of bits and pieces their mother had accumulated. The buyer arrived, grabbed a couple of pieces of glass and a brass statue, paid them next to nothing and left.

Now Deb had a problem.

The funeral was in the next day and there was stuff everywhere. Some of it was good and then there was a lot that needed dealing with. In desperation she rang. I went around and we had a chat. The family discussed the offer and happily decided to sell the lot.

The change in the family was immediate and visible. One weight had been lifted. They still had to deal with the funeral, but they have one less problem to solve.

You see, we took the time to listen to what Deb needed before we make a fair offer.

Which bring me to the next story…

It could have worked.

The phone rang. John* needed to clear out his mother's unit in a hurry. He'd flown back from the USA where he lives and only had a few days to do everything. Since he was on such a tight time frame I went around that night. We talked and I made an offer that was much better than any other he had received. He couldn't decide, so he chatted with some helpful neighbors. They told him that the furniture was worth more. (NOTE: The neighbors didn't offer to buy the furniture. They were just trying to be helpful.)

John listened to the neighbours who had never bought or sold secondhand furniture. As a result he couldn't find anyone who would pay him almost new prices. He is now renting out the unit with the furniture still in place. It will be ruined.

Unfortunately, John had to use his credit card to pay for his plane fare home. Had we been allowed to help, he could have used the cash from the contents. In the next year or two he will also be paying the Real Estate Agent to remove and dump the damaged furniture.

John was under pressure at an emotional time. He made a decision based on what he was hearing.

The point of the story is this… . If someone is giving you advice about the price, be sure they are prepared to pay you that amount. A kind hearted neighbour or relative can give you wrong information when they are trying to be helpful.

John ended up with nothing.


Why didn't we call you sooner?

Joan* and Joy*, mother and daughter had downsized from a huge home well over a year ago. They didn't know what to do with the excess so they put it in storage. Each month the storage bill mounted.

Recently they decided to head off to Europe for an extended stay. The items in storage had to go. But how? They could advertise each item and go back and forth across town to show each piece to different people. This was time consuming and expensive. They tried the dealers and sold a couple of pieces. In the process they learnt how to pack and unpack the storage unit over and over. Then Joy found our number. I met them at the storage unit and we had a chat. I agreed to take the lot. I can still remember the way Joan almost danced across the car park calling out “I'm free, I'm free”. She was just so happy to have found a solution.

The story gets better… Joan was still as happy when the last items were packed up. That's the happy ending to this story, Joan knows that she got a fair deal. She knows that the storage bills will stop and she can head off to Europe.

I wish all stories could end so happily. Unfortunately the storage costs can rapidly outgrow the value of the contents. If you have items in storage, act early and act fast! Within months the value of the contents can be less than the storage fees.

Footnote: Joan* and Joy* also had a second storage unit where they kept the contents of their old shop. There were not yet ready to part with these items. When the floods devestated parts of Brisbane, the storage unit was badly hit. In the cleanup all their items were dumped. If you do choose to uas storage be sure it is in a flood free area as many storage facilities are built on cheap land that is not usable for other businesses.

Do I sell a few bits or the lot?

Eddie* has a new partner and together they are building a new home in another part of the state. He has decided that none of the furniture would suit the new home and even though his current furnishings were fairly new… they had to go.

Since Eddie now lives a long way away he wants to make as few trips back as possible. Eddie called and asked to meet when he was next in town. I went around and we chatted. I made an offer for the complete contents. Eddie wanted time to think and also to hear the offer from another person.

Several hours later Eddie called back. He was very pleased; the second person had offered him good prices on 3 items. Eddie sold them.

Then reality hit!

He was now stuck with all the difficult to sell items. We couldn't pay him top prices as the items left were very difficult to sell. (That's why the other buyer didn't take them.)

Eddie had lost out. The total for the three items is far less than the total we had previously offered. Plus he now has very hard to sell items that no one wants.

Remember, it's easy to sell an item everyone wants… the challenge is selling everything. It's the big picture that is important. Eddie has lost hundreds of dollars and given himself hours of work that he says he hasn't time for.

Compare Eddie to *John's story. John's lease was running out. He wanted to clear out the unit as he no longer lived there. A quick call and we met at the unit after he had finished work. John made a decision on the spot. John was able to save on rent and didn't have to worry about selling each of the items of furniture.

By the way.... We are the experts in getting things done. Just because you are part way through doing he job doesn't mean we can't help.

Can we help you? The answer is yes. Give us a call today and let's see if we can make life easier for you!

Yes we are the estate specialists but along the way there have been many happy people who have been helped to downsize, relocate and change paths.

(*names changed)

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PS NEW SERVICE We now also offer a paid clearing service where we quote to clear a property. This means that we can now help even when the value of the contents does not cover the cost of doing the job.